TGF Grants

TGF's grants help to sponsor victims of rape in the Congo who have suffered from traumatic fistula as a result of their ordeal. Chance Muzee is one of these women. She is 36-years old, is from Bukumbi Village in the Kalehe territory in South Kivu. She was raped by Mai Mai rebels whilst returning from farming in her field.

Medical Treatment

Jeanne is only 20-years old. She was raped by the FDLR (Rwandan Hutu rebels). Like many of the patients that TGF sponsor, she was unable to pay for her medical treatment. Your donations mean that Jeanne can now return home after her successful operation and try to resume a normal life following her attack.

Gesom Hospital

Gesom Hospital was set-up in 2002. When the hospital set-up they had 10 beds, they now have 50 and have treated 400 rape victims since 2003.

Help Expand

The hospital started with a team of 5 and now has a team of 20 employees. Over the next 5 years, Gesom is hoping to increase its operations and expand the hospital considerably.

Hospital Missions

Gesom regularly organise missions from Goma to Beni and try to work with local hospitals to assist them with treating FVVs. Their philosophy is that as Medics they should be going out to the rape victims & patients. Four missions have been completed in 2010 and final missions are planned for Nov 2010 and Jan 2011.

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The TG Foundation helps victims of rape and sexual violence in the north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our aim is to financially support hospitals in the more remote or less developed areas of the Kivu region in the DRC. These hospitals may provide various treatments including healthcare, psychological treatment, temporary housing, as well as job training programmes for women and girls who have been raped and are victims of sexual violence. Some of these women and girls are so violently raped that it sometimes takes multiple fistula operations before they are able to physically recover from their ordeal.

They develop a condition known as traumatic fistula. This condition occurs when women are raped so violently, that their vaginas are left torn and they are rendered incontinent. Typically, it costs a woman £500.00 for a complete operation. This includes 30 days of hospitalisation as well as a fistula operation. This equates to approximately £17.00 a day per patient. If 30 people donate £17.00 each every month they will contribute to treating a fistula patient.

We work with charities that have been founded in the Congo at grassroots levels and are in desperate need of programmes, development, infrastructure and funding.


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Please give your support and help victims of sexual violence in the Congo.

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